Who We Are

Together, we are rewriting the future for thousands of patients and their families

Our science and our culture are built on strategic collaboration and a deep commitment to improve treatment options for patients with cancer.

We are on a mission to close critical gaps in cancer care by developing therapies that target well-understood biological pathways in which research has not yet yielded effective medicines.

Our scientists, advisors, and other experts leverage scientific innovation with pharmaceutical expertise to engineer groundbreaking therapies for solid tumor cancers with historically poor prognoses. Our deep understanding of the tumor microenvironment, as well as our enduring commitment to optimal patient outcomes, guides us to combine our platform with therapeutic agents to achieve durable remissions.

Where scientific innovation
meets pharmaceutical expertise


Ray Lee
Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Medical Officer
Finance and Strategy Advisor
Chief Financial Officer
Senior Vice President of Clinical Research

Scientific Advisors


We have forged collaborations with top-tier companies, partnering with Merck to develop our treatment platform. We are committed to pioneering new ways to effectively treat patients with solid tumor cancers who respond poorly to existing immunotherapies.


Our team works at the leading edge of cancer immunotherapy, and we are committed to changing patient outcomes for the better. If you are interested in joining our team of passionate collaborators who are giving patients with solid tumor cancers the hope of lasting remission, we encourage you to apply.